• Legionella cell membranes are destroyed in an environment of positively charged copper and silver ions in the water stream.
  • The Quantum system installed on the recirculating hot water loop destroys bacteria through copper/silver ionization.
  • The water from taps, shower heads and sprayers will not contain Legionella bacteria and water sample tests will reflect this fact.

QWEL Legionella

Copper/Silver Ionizer for Domestic Hot Water

In addition to bacteria control the Quantum system utilizes the performance of the scale control unit to clear existing hard water scale from the boiler tanks & pipes and prevent new scale from forming. Cleared scale and bio-filming residue is captured by the filter.

The QWEL Ionizer is installed downstream of the mixing valve of a recirculating domestic hot water system to eradicate legionella bacteria, bio-filming sessile bacteria and control scale in the boilers.

Buildings with centralized hot water systems.

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Office Bldgs

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