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Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

QWEL Cooper/Silver and Water Polish
Cooling Tower Side Stream Filtration

Purchase of the QWEL 360 qualifies for a tax credit and typically a 3 year return on investment followed by years of savings and non-toxic drift into the environment.

QWEL 360 System Logo

QWEL 360 has a 2 phase design.

Phase 1 - Filter and treat the water

with copper/silver ionization.

​Phase 2 - Remove dissolved solids

and return water to tower basin.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

The QWEL 360 employs a 2 phase system to eradicate Legionella, curb scale and keep the tower basin clean through side stream filtration, then, to remove total dissolved solids and increase the cycles of concentration conserving bleed water.


Excerpt below from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Publication:

Developing a Water Management Program to Reduce Legionella Growth & Spread in Buildings


       Page 3, Glossary of terms ...

            "Disinfectant: Chemical or physical treatment used to kill germs, such as chlorine, monochloramine,
             chlorine dioxide, copper-silver ionization, ultraviolet light, or ozone"

Putting an end to cooling tower Legionella and water waste with non-toxic products and methods.

Mitigate tower replacement, curb scale formation, put an end to pouring toxic blow down water into the sanitary drain and stop the formation of Legionella.