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After university and 6 years with the United States Army Corp of Engineers Tom worked his way up to President and CEO of TechniChem in the cooling tower chemical supply and services industry.  The more that he used chemicals for tower water treatment he realized the toxicity and harmful effects that they had on the environment.  The chemicals were not only toxic but did not solve the problems of scale and bacteria 100%.

Starting in 1988 Tom began his research in the application of environmentally friendly non-chemical water treatment for scale control, microbiological control, chemical elimination, and reduction of maintenance costs associated with heat transfer equipment. Additional research yielded reduction of hydrocarbon emissions and paraffin formation in oil wells. The ultimate goal for this research has been to design equipment that will significantly reduce operating costs and provide environmental benefits by reducing chemical usage and conserving water.  

Tom's efforts have received many testimonials, awards and participated in numerous engineering studies confirming the efficacy of his technology.

  • Washington DC Metropolitan Transit Authority for control of Legionella in cooling towers.
  • New York Housing Authority for scale control in steam and hot water boilers.
  • US Post Office designation as sole source for water treatment for boilers and cooling towers.
  • LTV Steel Cleveland Ohio. Improve process water efficiency and reduce cost of operation.
  • Two year research grant at Geneva College, Beaver Falls Pennsylvania funded by the Ben Franklin grant.
  • Additional research projects at Case Western Reserve University.


Tom Ashton

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Tom Ashton

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